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Mr. Punch has tickled the funny bones of royalty ever since the days of

King Charles II. The Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall proved no

exception when they met him at the Whitstable Oyster Festival in the

capable hands of Prof. Des Turner.

The PJF's party to celebrate the 350th birthday of Mr Punch

The Punch & Judy Fellowship currently works in partnership with the Punch & Judy College of Professors and is affiliated to Puppeteers UK.

The PJF is also a partner in Punch and Judy Online where you will find much information about Punch's history and his tradition.

You can visit their websites by clicking on their respective logos.

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The Oldest Punch and Judy organisation in the world!

Dedicated to cherishing Mr. Punch’s yesterdays, promoting his todays and nurturing his tomorrows.

Open to performers and enthusiasts alike.

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John Styles, MBE, FRSA

President of the Punch & Judy Fellowship

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